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Ein Ort für alle Diskussionen für alle Fragen rund um ATML3 - the Automated Text Markup Language die AX NLG Cloud Platform zur Textgenerierung-


Category for announcing new or updates to the AX community, products, projects, training, etc, including ...

Community Support

Welcome to the Community-Support forum. This board is the place to go when you need guidance, consulting and support about your ATML3 project.

NLG technology and AI

NLG is an important part of Artificial Intelligence. We have a significant clearer view at NLG if we monitor current developments in AI.


The Use of NLG in media known as “Robotjournalism” is already established as a part of digital and (big) data journalism.

Business intelligence and NLG

The use of business data for managing and improving creates interesting opportunities for NLG. How can Business Intelligence benefit from NLG?