6 Usability Improvements That Will Make Your Day

We have accumulated quite a number of small changes in the AX Next platform, which all aim to make your work easier. A runup…

6. Cut stuff with the Context Menu

Copy and paste options have been in our platform’s context menus for quite some time now. They are now accompanied by the third option we are used to find when working with text - Cut.

It is very straight forward:

  1. Highlight what you want to cut. You can cut one or more Nodes n the Transform view or text (inlcuding branches and Containers!) in the Write view.
  2. Right click on it
  3. Select Cut
  4. Right click on the place where you want to paste it
  5. Select Paste

5. Rearrange Branches

The order of the Branches in our Statements can now be rearranged.

This is often necessary, when you have set Triggers for certain branches and want to influence their evaluation order.

  1. Click on the square that starts a Branch
  2. Drag the branch up and down to put it to its new place

4. Skip Branches with empty containers

Sometimes a Branch does not make sense when the Container he bears has no output. Therefore we created the Container Option to omit the closest Branch if the Container is empty.

  1. Create a Statement
  2. Create a Container that can be empty
  3. Create a Branch around it that contains everything that should be ommitted with that Container.
  4. Mind the setting Skip Branch if Variable is empty of the Container

The Output of the above example will either be (with weight information):
or (without weight information):

This setting is already available and is active as the default.

3. See more information about Containers

We put a bit more information into the Tooltip of a Container.

Container Tooltip shows Container configuration

You can hover your mouse over a Container to see its configuration at a glance:

Container Tooltip shows error messages from transform view

If there is an error in the Transform view, this is now also visible in the Write view. No more wondering why a Container does not produce any output:

With a Transform configuration like this

The container will forward this message to you

Container Tooltip shows warning messages

In the same way the Container Tooltip shows errors, it also now shows warningsthat apply to the container .

These warnings can concern themselves with missing lexicon entries, used defaults because some configuration or data is missing and much more.

These warnings are not always an erroneous state - the machine is just telling you that it assumed you meant something and urges you to confirm that assumption was correct.

2. See more Information about Mapping and Condition Nodes

The Mapping and Condition Nodes in Transform now also show these warnings, so you are informed of any assumptions our machine had to make.

Don’t worry, if a warning appears just check that your output is as expected. If it is - you don’t need to do anything. If there is something wrong and you don’t know what, your Customer Success Agent will help you.

1. REVIEW Section Shows More Infos

The Review View in the AX Next Platform is where you perform your quality assurance. You read text examples, you check evaluations of data, you pretty much can see if the texts are alright here.

To support you tracing wrong output, we added a view which gives you the following:

  • A list of all used statements
  • A list of all used Nodes and their logical and data values
  • A list of lexicon entries that were tried to be used but were not found in the lexicon (This section especially helps if articles or adjectives are missing - if a noun appears here, it has no lexicon entry)

You can find this view in the Review view in the DEBUG Tab after a text is generated.