Adding autogeneration and new text delivery options to our Cockpit frontend

Most of our users have set up their content delivery system to working fully automatic. From data imports from the user’s databases to content exports into their CMS system or publishing platform, all steps of the process are potentially working without the necessity of human interaction.

Thus, the necessity for contacting AX-Semantics on matters like changing the URL, to which the webhook is delivering the generated content, or configuring the automated content generation posed as a huge impediment for user empowerment and autonomy.

Reacting to this demand, we created additional options in our data sources frontend to give you the opportunity to quickly adjust the content delivery in your system.

  • The Webhook URL poses as a target address for the content delivery.
  • The webhook Secret is used to discern whether the incoming messages are valid and trustworthy. An authentication method to provide a high form of security.
  • The checkbox “autogenerate new documents” sets the collection to automatically trigger a generation for each newly imported dataset.
  • The checkbox “autogenerate existing documents after changes” sets the collection to automatically trigger a new generation for datasets where an update in the imported dataset is detected.

Through these additional options, configuring the webhook delivery by adding a new URL, finding out the webhook secret to authenticate the delivered content as well as determining the automatic content generation should be much easier from now on.

Roll Out

These features will and have been active for some time. Feel free to try them out as soon as an occasion arises. It would also be marvellous if you could provide us with feedback regarding your experience with the new functionalities.

Best regards