Announcing Updated AX Semantics Plans and Pricing

Three years ago into our journey for a mass-user NLG product it became clear we needed a way to make content generation faster, better and more cost effective, and give everyone access to our technology: to allow every person on the planet to solve their content problems, build their own products, and innovate totally new ideas based on NLG.

As a result, we have build a product that effortlessly handles massive amounts of content generation. Our software generates content that is indistinguishable from a human writer. We think of ourselves as a writer’s company powered by data and science.

Our self-service platform allows this, without the need for expensive one-time invest or upfront projects - while our ecosystem provides those that do need additional resources and experts with Managed Service Providers and Integration Partners.

Along with this relentless drive to improve the AX Semantics product, we’ve also seen some fundamental changes in what our customers do with the software, and therefore need from us. Originally, we created on-demand fee based plans, that allow everyone to try this out, and then scale over time.

With successful adoption of content generation into our customers’ companies, that usage grows into high-volumes, where even our 0,08€ small fee can accumulate very fast. At the same time, a usage based fee based on generations disincentives one of the most important possibility of NLG: creating “living content” that is being updated anytime, anywhere, automatically.
As a result of this shift, we’re offering new plans to help organisations scale, grow, collaborate, and manage tens of thousands of content generations, and offering free text-refresh as a core element, instead of usage based fee.
And on the other hand, we want to give you a transparent, public, pricing that you can rely on for future planning.

Plan changes: replacing on-demand charges with included volume and free refresh.

Entry level with Editor Plans

We kept our Editor / Hypercare and Team/Pro entry level plans, even at the same pricing of 279€ / 438€ / 799€ (or US$ outside the EU), but instead of adding 0,08€ per generation, we give you an included volume of 500 or 2500 texts, with free refresh included.

Scale into Volume plans

And at slightly larger scale, with our new “Volume” plans you’ll get 20.000 texts included at 1599€ - which is still at 0,08€ like in the past - but including free refreshes, and those packages are available in steps up to 1.000.000 texts.
Details on the plans can be found here:

Custom Scale Enterprise Pricing

For even higher usage or special requirements like HIPAA/PHI compliance, talk to our account managers for custom offers.

Timeline and existing customers

No changes for New Customers since January 2020

Since 1st of January 2020 the new plans were already introduced in our sales process, website, and with our distributors, all customers whose accounts have been active since January 1st, 2020, are already on our new packages.

Migration of existing customers

Here are further transition details regarding specific plans:

  • All Customers in Editor/Editor Pro/Editor Team plans that signed before January 1st 2020 will automatically transition to the new 2020 pricing — on retaining their current plan and price level — on their next scheduled renewal date after February 1st, 2020, while keeping the same price and equivalent features. We will send you a detailed email about the changes.
  • All Flatrate Customers or Customers with a custom contract are not affected.
  • Customers that are currently on an on-demand plan, and have usage higher than the included volume, will be contacted by our account managers in the next days with an individual offer based on their consumption to ensure interrupted business continuity and mitigate any potential pitfalls in choosing a new plan. We will discuss any impact about the changes based on your current and past usage.
    tl/dr: we have replaced our 0,08€ on-demand fee for each generation with included text-volumes in various tiers, which include a free text-refresh.