Article: "What will the Natural Language Stack look like in 5 Years?"

Rob May from Pillar VC writes [emphasis mine]:

Natural Language Generation: Natural language generation (e.g. robowriters), is also going to be an area with huge opportunities for startups, because the use cases are so varied that no platform player can support them all.

I beg to differ on this point though. This is exactly, where the NLG players are currently moving to, because NLG will need to be usable as a platform, just integrable into your stack, just like a payment gateway or similar subsystems: supporting the core application with a selected, outsourced functionality.

For this, the NLG solution needs to solve the topicality problem (writing about any topic) and the language problem (writing across languages). All NLG solutions that don’t solve this, can only be niche players in some selected, small verticals.