Bulk-check if nouns are in the lexicon

In the begining of your work with the AX NLG Cloud some adjustments have to be made to properly prepare your AX environment for your specific usecase. One of these tasks is feed the lexicon with industry specific words to use in your content.

If you want to check wether a noun from your data is in the lexicon here is an approach on how to achieve this:

First create a mapping that includes a list of all nouns you would like to check. Then connect it to a group function and a variable to enable output within your content.

Here is the mapping configuration:

User-uploaded Image

Create a statement with a container that has the group variable as an output:

In the review tab you can then generate the content and get a list for all your missing entries:

This way you can test a specific range of nouns on wether they are in our lexicon.

I hope this helps in getting your project up and runing.
If you have more questions feel free to contact us via support chat.

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