Collaboration feature: user specific testobjects

For multiple editors that are working in one training at the same time, it is now possible to select a different “Validation Object” for each user to enable the testing, preview and all sentence output.

These are then used to evaluate whatever this user changes, e.g. if you select different data than your colleague, and change a sentence variant, your sentence variant will be rendered based on your data, while his will rendered on his. You will still see his sentence variant result and his sentence variant based on his data, making it possible to share your work results or help your colleagues. This is used for syntax validation, single sentence variant previews and translation previews.

making data available for selection

Select your existing data to make it available as “Validation Data” first.

  1. in training wizard/composer inside of the “Data” tab, search for the ids of the objects that are relevant for you, and then mark those.
  2. in the cockpit, you can go to “data sources” as well, and mark the objects there directly

These are then being made available as choices.

Important change: these are now copies of your original data. If the data is deleted or changed, your validation data will still work. You can use the “sync” feature to update the data, your validation data will then reflect the changed data.

selecting the object for testing/preview

Inside the Test pop-out inside the wizard/composer, you can select the object that you want your testing/preview to be based upon. All changes that you make, will be evaluated with this data.

This choice is saved for your user, and will be available until you change it yourself to a different one.

All Sentence Output

The all sentence output will be rendered for your user, and you will see the last that you requested, based on your selected validation data.

Single Sentence Validation moved to Sentence Variant level

The syntax checking and preview of sentences is now beeing done on sentence variant level.

Debug output is available there as well, for this sentence variant and testthing. This is available for some minutes only after the validation has been completed, if you want to look at old debug information, please trigger a fresh sentence variante validation.

Roll Out

This feature will be active starting Monday, 15th May. Your existing selection of available test things will be migrated to the Validation Object choices.