Collections can now be emptied with a button!

Have you ever wanted to empty a Collection in our AX Semantics Cockpit and start with fresh data? You can do that now!

Deleting Data Objects from a Collection may become necessary in the configuration or testing phase of your project, while your data are still evolving. Every time you want to start fresh with your data without losing a Collection’s configuration - this is the function for you.

What does it do?

This function deletes all Data Objects of the Collection but leaves the Collection itself configured as it was. The Collection is then ready for a new data upload.

WARNING: This Function actually deletes the Data Objects and they can not be recovered.

How do I empty the Collection?

  1. In the Cockpit open the Project and navigate to DATA SOURCES
  2. Select the Collection you want to empty
  3. Click on the EDIT button

4. Find the EMPTY button at the bottom of the settings and click it (WARNING: There will be no further confirmation):

This feature is already available.