Container Assistant for Property Output and Lookup Values

The GUI for configuring ATML3 syntax inside of container has now been extended to be available inside the property output as well.

What it does

You can use the Container Assistant to create or edit the Property Output as well as the Lookup values.

no knowledge of ATML3 syntax necessary anymore

Instead of writing the Property Output manually, you can now use the Container Assistant for configuring the output. This step involves several advantages over the manual editing. You use a unified interface to create or change Containers in the Property Output/Lookup Values. Furthermore syntax errors caused by manual editing can now be excluded, since you generate Containers and select the parameters of a Container by drag and drop.

How to use

Create a new Property or edit an existing one

  1. If you are creating a new Property you have to add the truth and mapping expression as usual
  3. Select the language for this Property Output, you can also select “all“ if the output is valid for all languages
  4. Now you can write the content you want to be the output of this property
  5. Select the variable part and generate a Container for it
  6. Choose the Container type and edit the configurations
  7. A Value Container is automatically assigned to new Properties in the Property Output. If you are referencing to a group or just want a fix phrase, you can edit this output.

The same procedure is applicable for creating or editing Lookups.

Property Output

For configuring property output, you can now write your value, and use Magic Mode/Arrange Mode to change the property output.

Lookup Values

The same UI is available for the lookup values:

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