Container Mode supports keep-db-tags (Keep DBStart / DBEnd)

What it does
Keep-db-tags is used to prevent that [DBStart] and [DBEnd] are getting lost when the property output is forwarded via multiple properties.

Use Cases for Customers/Example
[DBStart] and [DBEnd] are used to tell the text engine which part of the word it shall look up in the lexicon. E.g. [DBStart]president[DBEnd] of the United States.
Lets assume [DBStart] and [DBEnd] are used in the property output of the property DB_property. Now we unify the property together with other properties to a list in the property List_property. Using List_property in a group container we observe that the grammatical information of [DBStart] and [DBEnd] is lost. To prevent this we must turn on Keep DBStart / DBEnd.

How to use
Keep-db-tags can now be turned on and off via a simple button in property and group containers and property outputs.