Container UI now supports image link containers and URL containers

What it does

The UI where you configure your Containers now has two new parameters:


If your container has a hyperlink to an image file as output, you can add an Alt Text and an image title now.


If your container has any other type of hyperlink as output, you can now add a Link Text, a Link Target, Link Rel and Link Title to the container.

Use Cases for Customers

You now can configure links to pictures and general hyperlinks correctly for your text.


You need the URL the link should point at as the output of any Container type.

How to use

  1. Add the Container that outputs the link to your Text
  2. Open the Edit Container Dialog
  3. Scroll down to the appropriate parameter section - link or image:
  4. Configure the appropriate parameter via the drop down fields and the text boxes - For more information on how links work, see
  5. The output of the container will first be given as markdown, visible in the debug output and the raw output in the Cockpit’s result section and is then translated to HTML which is the final output of this Container