Content delivery via File exports available

Although most of our users have set up their content delivery system to work via our AX-Semantics REST API, some use cases rely on the implementation of a file handling system.


Content export must be activated per Collection.

You find the setting in the Settings of your Collection:

  1. Click on DATA SOURCES
  2. Click yon your Collection you want to export
  3. Click on EDIT

  1. Select your desired Export Format

  1. Save the Setting

The content files

The resulting need for file-based content exports is met on the AX-Semantics Cockpit. Located in the “Results” view of a project is now the “Export” button which leads to the view for file exports of a specific collection.

The AX semantics content files are generated at any hour of the day, to regularly provide you with the most up to date content. If you have generated content during the previous hour, a new export file will be created which contains all finished content from one collection.
We currently provide the content files in .json and .csv format.

Included in the files is information to help you match your generated content with your databases, like ID and name of the respective dataset.
Through these exports, another way of extracting and using your content is available on the cockpit.

Roll Out

This feature will and has been active for some time, already. Feel free to refer to the exported files if the need for a content overview should arise. It would also be marvellous if you could provide us with feedback regarding style and format of the new export files.

Best regards