Data Analysis Feature: Histogram

What it does

The data analysis feature helps you understand the data you have uploaded to the AX Semantics systems. It delivers a brief overview of values that are stored in your data and counts them. This is done seperately for each data field.

Use Cases for Customers

When you have uploaded a large amount of data and before creating the text concept for you data, you need to know what you can expect in your data.

An example:
Imagine a data field “color”, which you want to text about. You need to know what exact colors are in your data and if they all fit into your text. Out of “red”, “green”, “blue”, “multicolor” all work, except “multicolor” which you would have to convert to “multicolored” to fit in a sentence. This new feature now delivers exactly that information and even counts how often a certain color is in all your data.

What do you need for it

  • A collection where you uploaded data

How to use

  1. Go to the AX cockpit and select DATA SOURCES
  2. Select the Collection you want to analyze
  3. Click on ANALYZE - the analysis view opens
  4. Click on ANALYZE DATA - this can take a moment depending on the size of your data sets
  5. A list of all data fields and their content will appear

Please notice that you will have to enable the option Enable preview of upcoming features in the settings if you want to use this feature.