Duplicate Lookups, Lookup Tables and Lookup Values

What it does
Lookups, Lookup Tables and Lookup Values can be duplicated.

Use Cases
Lookups are used to replace a word by an other. Common use cases are translation and providing the text with more informations. For example by replacing black with “noun”: “black”, “adjective”. “classic”.

There are several reasons for duplicating.
When a word is needed in different forms depending on the sentence variant it is very effective to duplicate the whole Lookup and only to modify the Lookup values.

To duplicate the Lookup is useful when a word should be translated to multiple languages. In this case the same Lookup with a different language is necessary.

Duplicating a Lookup Value saves work when a similar one is needed. E.g. duplicate President and change it to President of the United States. Now one of these two Lookup Values will be chosen randomly during text generation.

How to use
Click on the duplicate button (same as for sentences and propertys), choose a name and the Lookup or Lookup Table is duplicated. In case of the Lookup Value only the duplicate button has to be clicked.