Editor NGO plan: Free licensing for volunteering projects

Everyone knows the EDU license. It is an easy way to provide students and university staff with AX Semantics tools without stressing their narrow budgets. I like to think of it as a way to do something good and to contribute to society.

Now, we can expand this contribution and help NGOs (non-government-organizations) and all organizations that volunteer for the public good to include AI into their jobs.

In analogy to the EDU plans, we have just launched the Editor NGO plan, which can be given to all organizations who:

  • don’t intend to generate revenue with their projects
  • do text automation to solve a problem or make something better for the public
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Hi - Does this include Non-Profit Organizations?

Hi Eddie,

that is correct - non-profit organizations can apply for the Editor NGO plan as well.
You can apply directly in the NLG Cloud Cockpit, using the support chat.



Hi Frank,

Awesome I have a non-profit client. I’ll use my AXS license for my own projects and for profit clients. But will apply for my non-profit. Ok thanks!