Get a complete insight into your ruleset via an "All Sentence Output"

To get an impression what your training ruleset will output, lots of different factors play a role. With the All Sentence Output feature in the Training Wizard you can now evaluate all editorial output in one run.

How to use

1. open the “All Sentence View”

Select one of your test objects

(If you have not selected some objects as test objects for your data, see the Data tab)

klick “Generate ASO Now”

Investigate the output:

  1. you will see all sentences of your training, even if they are not triggered. (untriggered sentences show up in red)
  2. all “Container”-rendered part will show up in green
  3. you can toggle between different outputs, e.g. see a list of synonyms or see all sentences with all synonyms in all variants!

Investigate Errors

As the all sentence output validates your whole training, you can use this as well for debug purposes: invalid syntax will show up for every container:

Beta: early access and waiting for your input

Since lots of customers asked about a validation feature, we decided on providing the feature in an early state, to get your input. If you have ideas on how to proceed with this, just drop us a note, we are happy to talk to you.