Google enters robotjournalism by funding an automatic news project

The Press Association (PA) news agency received € 706,000 from Google’s Digital News Initiative (DNI) for its scheme “RADAR” (Reporters and Data and Robots). The goal is to produce 30,000 stories a month for local media.
According to Press Association “(…) RADAR will see journalists identifying national open databases from government departments, local authorities, NHS Trusts and more, and creating detailed story templates across a range of topics including crime, health and employment.” Multiple versions of the story will be created with Natural Language Software
Partner to PA is “Urbs media”, who run the datadriven newssite

The reaction of the british journalist is rather critical: Tim Dawson, president of the National Union of Journalists, said the union was not Luddite or against technological innovation and added: “Under-investment in journalism and journalists is a massive problem in the media across the UK. If money’s floating about, that’s really what it should be spent on.”

BBC News
The Guardian

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