Instant text generation API

What it does

Instant Requests enable you to generate Content without having to create data objects beforehand. You simply provide all necessary data with your request, we generate a text for this data set and deliver it via webhook.

With Instant Requests we do not store your data sets, nor do we store the generated content (hence the mandatory webhook delivery).

Use Cases for Customers

Certain usecases require that the data for text generation and the generated texts are not stored in our systems. Data protection and privacy concerns can be met by using text generation without data storage.


  • API integration of the AX Semantics services into your systems
  • You must provide an endpoint for our webhook that delivers the generated texts to you.
  • A training must be created as usual. This function concerns omitting the data storage only.

How to use

For a detailed documentation about this feature, please see

Perhaps this feature is also helpful for data which becomes outdated very very quickly: for example game events during a play (“Schumacher passes back to Hamilton”, “Ecclestone intercepted by Vettel”), for which an immediate & short text is nice to have, but a little later essentially becomes irrelevant.