Integrating AX-Semantics into your wordpress, utilizing Zapier

Dear Users,
some of you might have already come across an integration automation platform called Zapier. This platform provides a standardised connection between a wide range of online applications. One way to utilise this platform is to implement a publishing connection between AX-Semantics and an existing WordPress site, thus supplying your online presence with up-to-date content on a regular basis.

The platform can be found here:

After registration, you are now able to create a “Zap”. Let’s say you want to regularly comment on the local weather and provide your readers with useful information regarding allergy reports or other weather phenomena. Just create your own AX-Semantics weather project, based on your local weather data and connect it to Zapier:

1. Create your Zap trigger:

A Zap is an automation unit, consisting of a trigger and a predefined, conditional action.
The Zap is constantly expecting to be triggered to then perform a predefined action like sending a mail, posting a comment or sending a notification to various communication channels. The trigger in our case can be implemented by using the AX Semantics Zapier app:


In our usecase, the automation depends on the finished AX-Semantics content generations.


Just connect your AX Semantics Account to enable the app to provide it with all necessary access rights to your content.

Next you can Access your Next projects and your collections in the App to determine which collections are eligible for productive publication.


Hint: Don’t forget to match the Webhook secret from your collection. Otherwise the App wont be able to recognise, that the content is coming from a trustworthy source.

That concludes the configuration on the AX side.
The Zap is now equipped with a trigger and connects the AX content generation to the Zapier platform.

2.Defining an action:

After defining a trigger for our automation and connecting AX-Semantics, the second step is to tie in your WordPress Blog or any other site or Online presence. Zapier provides many options on where to publish your generated content. That’s why we are focusing on a more modest example in form of a wordpress site as our publishing platform. For the Action of your Zap choose Wordpress as your second application:

Next, go with the most common option of WordPress Automation, by choosing to automate the Creation of a new WordPress post:

To provide the Zap with Access to your blog, enter your wordpress account to enable the Zap to create posts with your WordPress user:

The content payload of the AX-Semantics App consists of some fields, including the dataset name, the ID, the generated content and other additional meta information. To create a nice blog post you have to match the delivered fields with the template of the site.
Information regarding the structure and format of our webhook messages can be found here:

An example on how to match your generated content to the Post template of wordpress is by matching the dataset name to the title:


and matching the generated content to the body of the post:


And that’s it. Now each time your content is generated on our platform, a post is created on your WordPress site.

If you have feedback regarding that use case or a question about implementation details feel free to comment on that post.

Best regards