Language Specific Test Objects – a Clearer Handling for Multilingual Projects

A new feature for multilingual NLG projects with language specific data is now available: Preview test objects can be assigned to a specific language. This is particularly important if you have language specific or localized data for each language.
Previously when working or reviewing in one language you had to take care to select the test object from the corresponding language. Now you can define this assignment for each test object in the settings.

With language specific test objects you keep good track of your preview test objects even in projects with many languages and test objects:

  • In the selection list of test objects, those of the preview language are listed first and are also highlighted.
  • in the Review Tab only the test objects of the preview language are displayed.
  • Less unhelpful error messages due to language and test object incompatibility.

This is how a drop down list with specific test objects looks like:
Peek 2021-10-07 19-23

To maintain the correct attribution of the test objects make sure that the UIDs of the datasets remain the same across the collections.
Assign the language to your test objects
The test object configuration can be found in the test object selection dropdown in the COMPOSER.

How to use them in your project
Specific Test objects are not yet preset as default. If you want to use them, you can activate them in the project settings "feature previews.