Live Debug Tool validates your changes as you make them

Did you know?

Our debug tool allows you to check for validation of your sentence variants just in the moment you made a change.

Just go to your sentence variant and click on “Debug”. You will get a short information on your sentence validation, which makes it easier for you to understand mistakes within your containers. Furthermore, it gives you some Sample Output so you can check your text on time.

Plus, this tool validates your input just at the moment you changed your sentence variant.

No sample output available?

To use this great tool, go to the menu item “Data” in the Wizard. You’ll get an overview of your connected myAX content project. Now chose one object from your myAX data by searching for a relevant UID. Make sure this test object contains all needed data fields for your training. To use this object as live-testdata in the debug tool, mark this chosen object by clicking on the star. Your object is now available as test-data in your training!

By the way

You can also add multiple objects from myAX to get an brief overview over your training without having to change the interface from Wizard to myAX.

Try it now! We look forward to your feedback!

Select your test-things to show all the important edge-cases (e.g. one for all product categories in your dataset).

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