New Cooperation management in your hands

In short:

This feature is for users with a broad and deep organizational structure. If you have multiple teams working on one or more projects, this feature is for you.

The use case:

In the past few months, a change in team composition was an occurrence, frequent enough in our platform. This was caused by the growing involvement of new departments or user groups into existing projects, thus demanding new layers of permissions to enable contribution to existing projects. Through this approach, we want to make sure that you are fully enabled to react and manage your teams and user access as soon as organizational changes occur in your teams.

How does it work?

From now on, you have the means to manage your users by assigning roles in our system.
There are 3 new roles in the AX platform. Each of them is able to exert a different level of influence on the team composition, depending on their status:

The owner with a license

  • The owner which holds the NLG Cloud license is of the highest rank in your user base and the person who is in charge of the AX Semantics customer license. Thus the owner with a license is also able to edit the licenses he holds.
  • No one can take away his/her access rights.
  • The transfer of master ownership to another owner is only possible via our AX Support.
  • The main perk is the ability to give other users owner or admin rights (or remove them)
  • They also have access to all admin perks.

The admin

  • The admin is a team leader and can invite colleagues to a user group.
  • He/she can’t remove users. Pls, contact our support if one of your colleagues becomes inactive.
  • The admin is also equipped with every perk regular users have.

The regular user

  • The user can see and work on projects.
  • They can also see owners, admins, and other users in the same group.

Managing invitations (available to owners / admins):

  • You need to fill in your own name, company and phonenumber first in your NLG Cloud profile. This Information is used to address the invited colleague.
  • Invitations are only possible if your license has empty user slots left up to the maximum of licenses purchased.
  • An invitation expires automatically after 7 days and can be cancelled prematurely by the same roles that manage invitations.
  • Regular members or non-members of a user group are not able to extend or revoke invitations.
  • Regular Users can see and accept invitations.
  • An email is sent including, if necessary, the request for registration on our platform.


An existing AX Semantics account linked to a license with several user slots.

Step by step:

As many feature announcements do, this one starts of with activating the feature in your advanced settings.


After activating the feature, the team management is a new entry in your platform settings.

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By navigating to the team management, you are presented with a list of your active licenses, their license type and their status.


Below the licenses there is a list of pending invitations into other teams.


The list consists of the inviter as your contact person for questions about the user group. Additionally, the name of the user group and the expiration date of the invitation are displayed. With the accept button, you can enter the user group and start working on shared projects.

Managing your cooperations:

By selecting a license from your list, you can change into the detailed view of this specific license:


There you can find an explanation of your license type with a brief overview of perks and functionality of your license:

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Below that the highly illustrious group of your fellow users allocated to that project is displayed in conjunction with their respective user roles. This group can be managed by inviting new members or editing the user role of existing colleagues to i.e. grant them the option to invite new members on there own.

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If the invite button is greyed out, insert your complete profule data by clicking on the question mark next to the button. By clicking the invite user button, you are presented with a form to insert name and Email adress of your newest soon-to-be member.


The pending invitation is then to be found in the detailed license view, below the existing users, where it is quite cancelable by clicking on the red button marked by a white X.

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If the new member is instead accepting his invitation and joins your team he is then displayed in your license overview, where you can equip your team members with the necessary capabilities to contribute to your projects:


Should viewing your detailed payment and billing information be more to your taste, you can click on the manage users button to get an overview of great detail, consisting of relevant information like account information, license timeline, billing history and much more.


Roll Out
Please note, that as of right now we are polishing this feature to near flawlessness. This means that the feature will need some more time to be available in the cockpit. Some visuals might change, the core functionalities, however, are kept as is right now.
We invite you to try it out as soon as it is released and an occasion arises. It would also be marvelous, after adequate time to gain some experience, if you could provide us with feedback regarding the new functionalities.
We will, however, notify you when the feature is live

Best regards