New Excel (.xlsx) Story Export

In short:

This feature benefits all of you, who encountered problems while opening your .csv story exports with Microsoft Excel.

Vision and goals:

A slim but effective way to obtain content from our platform is one of the key aspects of utilizing AX Semantics, whereas the first major aspect being a tight data integration and the second one being boundless creative freedom and intuitive usability while shaping your trainings.
Most of our users are continuously striving to completely automate the ensuing content production circle with the goal in mind, to decrease human interaction and effort to a bare minimum. In our experience, this frees up your time to pursue more rewarding activities like optimizing the style, language and structure of your content, thus improving the overall effect of the resulting stories.

In addition to these approaches, there are however use cases, which do not justify a technical approach to implement parts of the production cycle. These use cases often rely on story exports by file, to quickly access the recently produced content.


Some of our users encountered problems while opening our .csv files with Microsoft Excel. The Content was not displayed properly due to formatting errors.


Reacting to this issue, we created additional options in our frontend to provide you with the opportunity to quickly access your content with Microsoft Excel by downloading an .xlsx file, containing all your successfully generated content from a collection. You can find this feature in the results view by clicking on the export button.


The resulting view looks like this:

Through these additional content delivery options, access to your content should be much easier from now on.

Roll Out

These features will be active from now onward. Feel free to try them out as soon as an occasion arises. It would also be marvellous if you could provide us with feedback regarding your experience with the new functionalities.

Best regards