New instant generation

In short:

For all our users, depending on either a faster content delivery or guaranteed discretion regarding confidential Information, we have eliminated data storage on our system in favor of an instantaneous content generation. If you prefer to not save your data in our system to increase speed and safety, this feature is for you.

Use case:

During instant generation, a very bulky part of the whole data roundtrip is discarded. Instead of saving your data to our system, inside a collection, it is immediately taken to the text engine for ad hoc, just in time production. This reduces the time required for the whole roundtrip, from data provision to text delivery, by a considerable margin. Also, the data stays out of our system, so the need to synchronize your own database with our database is gone. No more UID to dataset ID matching necessary to stay on top of your content generations. Finally, if your data is of confidential nature, this approach opens new levels of data security, in cases you want to include sensible user data in your generated content.


Much to our enjoyment some of our customers are creating highly sophisticated multilingual trainings which warrant content of outstanding quality and finesse. This achievement came at a price, however. Content generation time skyrocketed to points where we felt an upgrade to be due. Another cause of the development of instant generation was the growing interest of our user base in near instantaneous content delivery (2 Seconds for the whole roundtrip + publishing). If you’re interested in this, feel free contact our sales team. So, as a first step, streamlining the content generation process and removing all redundant parts was in order, to get this requirement fulfilled.


To offer you increased security and speed we implemented a slightly altered version of your normal workflow:

As this is an advanced feature of our platform, as a first step you need to activate the feature in your profile under advanced settings.

After activation, you can then create yourself a content generation template by clicking the small black gear in the top left of your screen.


From there you can create a New Instant generation Endpoint as a template for your generation process.

For creating that endpoint you need a name, a language and your URL, where your content should be delivered to. This URL is absolutely mandatory to define where the generated content should be sent to. Due to the absence of a collection as a local savepoint, the URL marks the new delivery destination for your generated content.

All your different Endpoints are then listed in the view below.

You can then proceed and add more parameters for your content generation. This can include your delivery format (HTML, BBCode, axite), a second webhook URL for accepting and processing failed content generations or the usual structural information for your content like minimum text length, keyword density, etc.

That sums up the frontend preparations for your instant generation. After that, you can start addressing your new Endpoint via API Calls. An exemplary call is displayed on the right side of the screen when one of your endpoints is selected.


For more options please refer to the API Documentation for instant content generation:

Also please keep in mind that the data handling changed a bit compared to the normal generation process. Namely, we do not assure, that the UID is a unique id anymore. This is due to the absence of an import history for comparing new UIDs with existing ones.


All you need to use this feature in our AX Semantics Cockpit, is an account on our platform,
an existing Project, an Instant Generation Endpoint, that you can create in your project settings and a web service endpoint on your end, to which we deliver the generated content via a webhook. If all of this is set up, you can use the instant generation Endpoint to provide data, generate content, which you receive in your web service endpoint.

Roll Out:

This feature is active from now onward. Feel free to try it out as soon as an occasion arises. It would also be marvellous if you could provide us with feedback regarding your experience with the new functionalities.

Best regards