New version management for your training ruleset

Basic Situation

During the content production, the current training ruleset is used to interpret the data and to produce the output. Sometimes, you want to enhance your training, while still keeping your normal content production online. Since using one training makes it necessary to test your ruleset before using that for your production content, we now have a 2-stage versioning setup in place.

How this Works

Your Training has a current state of the ruleset. By using the “promote to draft” button, every produced content item in a content project is using that version of the ruleset for the text generation. You can now test your training, and use this for producing up-to-date content.

Additionally, you can use the “publish” button in the training wizard to mark a certain version of your training (e.g. after testing) and using that published version for your production content project. Some of your content projects can be marked “for publishing”. Those will now use the “published” version of the training ruleset – independently of your continous editing of the training content.

I want to use this - what do I need to do?

You only need to setup a distinct set of content projects for “draft” and “published” state and fill those with your data. You can set the “draft” or “published” state in the content project settings yourself. The button “publish” in training wizard will now set the ruleset for the “publish content projects”. You can reuse your existing content projects, of course.

If you don’t do anything, everything stays the same.

If you don’t want this feature (yet), everything stays the same for you. Only the “promote” button is now named “promote to draft” - but all your content projects are being kept in your current state.

roll-out under way.

We are currently rolling out this feature for all our users, as soon as it is available in your account (calender week 39), you will get an in-app message.