NEXT big changes upcoming!

(Robert Weissgraeber) #1

After watching our users working with our current software, and listening to your feedback on our beta, we are now preparing the release of our next evolution of the editing interface .

“Branches” UI in Writer

We are introducing “branches” into the UI, which will give you visual access to different verbal aspects of your text - based on logic or variational reasons. This will combine all variation features like statement variants, synonyms and verbal differentiations with triggers, and allow for lots of additional NLG features like grammatically dynamic synonyms.

The “magic wand” to automate your annotation now works for partially annotated content as well, and with the partial annotate you can now enhance your existing annotated text with additional auto-detected containers.

Additional Improvements

In addition to the branch UI upgrade, some features have been added as well.

1. Undo & Redo

With server-side savings of your editing, allowing for multi-step reversals of your changes and works for multi-user collaborations as well

2. Copy & Paste

Copying of elements like parts of your text or branches, including annotations and configuration. And even better: this works for nodes in Transform as well, even between projects!

3. Subgraphs

With Input/Output ports on subgraphs for better organising your data transform nodes

4. Grammatical Roles

Referencing between parts of your texts by referencing grammatical roles

5. Documentation & Tutorials rework

We have put a lot of work into unification of our various documentations and interactive tutorials, and are releasing a new documentation platform that give you access to all learning materials.

The Roll-out will take place shortly.

We are finishing the last testing rounds at the moment and updating our documentation, and will announce the public availability on production as soon as we rolled out everything. - And we will show you the new features in more detail then!