“Next” gets Statement Loops soon

For text applications, where a similar sentence and meaning structure is used multiple times in the text, either as an itemized list, or a set of paragraphs, you’ll now get a more automated way of doing this: the “Statement Loop”.

Statement Loops” are a configurable set of statements that are evaluated multiple times over a list of data items that you define. This makes it possible to loop through a list of data items and then trigger the meanings implied by the statements automatically if they match the underlying condition.

Usage Scenarios

Use cases are mostly to be found in reporting or ledger text use cases, e.g. putting a series of events in a soccer game into a cohesive text; or evaluating a list of datasets into a precise summary without anticipating all sequences and juxtapositions.

Next steps

We are currently finalising this by fine-tuning and testing this feature; and will update you as soon as you can start using it. If you have any use cases in mind, please talk to your Customer Success Agent how this could be applied to your project.

Note for v2 users

this replaces the v2 concept of the legacy “Story Mode”. This now enables you to achieve all major tasks that you might have still implemented in v2 in v3 as well.