PRESS INQUIRY: Reporter Seeking Companies That Have Integrated AI-Generated Writing With Business Intelligence Software

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I’m putting together an article on companies that have integrated AI-generated writing solutions like AX Semantics with their business intelligence software.

The article is slated to appear in the November 2019 issue of CFO Magazine.

Would your company like to be featured in the article?

As you most likely know, business intelligence programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI can be enhanced with AI-generated writing solutions (also known as Natural Language Processing).

Other business intelligence programs that can also be enhanced by AI-generated writing include Microstrategy, Qlik, Spotfire and Tableau.

Essentially, these AI solutions are being used by some companies to add easy-to-understand text next to the graphic visualizations generated by business intelligence software.

In a phrase, the text helps further explain what the business intelligence graphics are trying to communicate.

If your company happens to be integrating AI-generated writing with business intelligence software in this way, I’d like to feature your company in the article.

Towards that end, a few questions follow.

As long as I receive your responses by Thurs., Sept. 26, I can be sure to feature your company in the article.

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Or, you can contact me at the same email address for more information about being featured in the article.

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Many thanks in advance for any help.

Here are the questions:

eQuestionnaire: Company Reports That Write Themselves

  1. What prompted you to add AI-generated writing interpretation of data visualizations produced by your business intelligence software?

  2. Do you find the AI-generated text that pops-up next to the graphic visualizations of business intelligence data makes that data easier to understand? If so, how so?

  3. Do you find more people are using business intelligence software at your company since you added AI-generated writing explanations of visualizations?

  4. What other benefits have you seen since added AI-generated text explanations to the graphic visualizations produced by your business intelligence software?

  5. Is there anything else you’d like to add about using AI-generated writing and business intelligence software together?

  6. How would you like to be attributed:


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