Prototype: Link to a Google Spreadsheet or Excel File with Zapier

1. Zap to AX - what is it and what does it do?

Our visionaries team has released a Zapier-Application that links an Excel or Google Spreadsheet directly to the AX Semantics Cloud Cockpit.

2. Benefits in general of an integration with Zapier

With this project, we can now provide automated integrations for customers whose processes rely on excel or google sheets as the leading data source. The connection can be made by pointing and clicking. New content is automatically being generated when the spreadsheet is changed (e.g. when a row is added).

3. Common Use Cases

  • Analysts, researchers and professionals who make their analyses in personal Excel spreadsheets and want to generate automated reports, summaries or bulletins.
  • Small e-commerce and retail businesses, who cannot afford to maintain their product data in actual databases and use excel instead.

4. How it was done

The visionaries team wrote a command line app in Zapier, that listens to file-changes in a google drive (spreadsheets-) file. The app makes an AX Semantics API Call when the targeted file changes.