Publishing even 100 000 new pages all at once is OK for Google

A lot of new content? Publish it carefully in smaller chunks - this was the most heard advice in SEO expert circles. When Matt Cutts was asked about publishing high amounts of new pages her answered in 2013 : " “[…] if we see a lot of pages or a lot of things ranking on a site all of a sudden, then we might take a look at it from the manual web spam team […]“. And this sounded like a real threat to many SEO experts.
Don’t let this bother you, says now Google’s John Mueller: “So obviously putting a hundred thousand pages online all at once doesn’t mean that these pages will rank all at once immediately. It’s still going to take time for us to actually rank those pages properly in the search results. But I don’t see anything against putting them all on online.”

With this statement one of the biggest concerns of automatically generating texts is obsolete now. Just go ahead and produce and publish the amounts of texts you need! Google will not punish you for doing this!

I have tons of such curves after implementing new articles in bulk if you ever needed it, @adela.schneider

Hi Florence,

thank you very much - a lot of customers worry about Google-penalties if publishing mass articles - and so we can proof that there is no reason for worrying!

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