Reviewing and Debugging is easier now - with direkt link to statements and containers

Reviewing and debugging an AX project is much easier now: The statements’ names and containers in the Debug tab of the review area are now directly linked to their counterpart in the Write tab.

The Review section is the last section of the Composer area that follows the principles of the human writing process on the NLG Cloud. This consists of the three important actions: research, write, review.
While you look at the available information in the Analyze tab (research), you create the text in the Transform, Write and Narrate tab (write), which is then edited in the Review tab. The focus here is on quality assurance, e.g. reviewing the possible outcome and correcting mistakes.

For this, you can generate one text at a time for all the test objects in the Review tab. The debug tag lists the elements of the AX Project that are important for evaluating the data, the correctness of the rulesets, and the language dependencies: missing lexicon entries and rendered nodes and statements with their containers.
Until now, you had to find the statements and containers yourself in order to check them. Now, you can go directly to the desired location via a link and correct them there.

Peek 2021-06-28 15-25