Sentence Variants can now be deactivated

By deactivating a statement variant, the engine is prevented from using it when creating a text. That way, statement variants can be created without interrupting the normal function of a rule set.

Use Cases for Customers

Users can create statement variants. These need not to be selected directly for text productions, instead they can be kept as deactivated until they are needed.

This enables a division of labor, where one person creates the sentence variants and the other wires them and activates them for the usage. Hence, the rule set can always be kept in a productive state.


  • Statement variants

How to use

###If you are working with the Composer’s Text Rule Set mode:

  2. Click on the sentence where you want to deactivate a variant
  3. Click on the edit symbol (pen) in the variant you want to deactivate
  4. Click on the switch below “Use for content generation” to deactivate the variant (it is active by default)
  5. Click on the same switch again to reactivate the variant

###If you are working with the Composer’s Editor mode:

  1. Go to COMPOSER > EDITOR > Variant Mode
  2. Select the statement and variant which you want to deactivate
  3. Click on the switch next to “VARIANT IS ACTIVE” to deactivate it (it is active by default)
  4. Click on the same switch to activate it again
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