Start with the writing - the software assists you with the annotation work

Focusing on writing leads to better results

Writing for text generation projects is in some regards very different from “handwriting” because you have to deal with data more in-depth and take the different technical aspects of generating into account. But it turns out that there is a high interdependence between text quality and the amount of time required to complete a text project on the one hand and the conditions for actual writing of the statements on the other:
The more you focus on writing the statements at first and the less you are distracted from it, the better your projects will progress - in our long-term experience.
That’s why we removed a few hindrances that might have disturbed you while writing. This will lead to some improvements for your work:

  1. You don’t need to decide in advance which data fields you will use as variables.
  2. The Transform area remains tidier because only the variable nodes that are actually used appear there.
  3. You don’t have to interrupt your write flow to create the nodes you need.
  4. Writing and annotation can be easily combined, because the software assists you in real-time in creating and configuring containers.

You don’t need to think in advance about the variables

After running your Analyses you don’t need to decide which data fields you will use in your statement at this point. It’s not necessary to create nodes or variables in advance any longer (if you don’t want to).

The software provides you in the Write area (based on the currently selected test object) with a list of suggestions for variables that you can include in your statements. As soon as you use these suggestions in a container, the corresponding nodes are automatically created in the background. No need to interrupt your creative writing flow for in detail preparing your data for the use on the platform.

Before: To use certain data fields in the statements you had to create a data node in the Analyze or Transform area.
Now: You can choose if you want to start with creating your nodes (in the Analyze or Transform area) or just start writing and let the software create the variable nodes automatically.

Let the software assist you with the whole annotation process on the platform

While you are typing the statements, the software already calculates - based on your content - where to create containers, which container types are correct, and which words belong in the container. You can simply accept these suggestions, then these containers will be created. Of course, you can edit and change all containers yourself afterward.

Since language is very complex, it is recommended to check if the suggestions for your statements match your intentions. But even with taking this check into account much of the time-consuming work will be done by the software.

Note: These realtime suggestions replace the automatic annotation that you have previously performed by activating the magic wand.