Statements Overhaul

You’ve asked us to provide a way to handle Statements in the Write View without switching to the Narrate View. This is why we’ve started overhauling the Write View in our Next Editor, with the first batch of improvements being released soon.

Statements are easier to tell apart

Separations between Statements were not clearly visible and the name of a statement was too hidden.

We changed that.

Statements now each have their own card in the Write View, which shows the most important information about each one at a glance. We display a Statement’s name, trigger status and its formatting all the time now.

This also enables a few other long wanted features in the Write view:

Draggable Statements

You can change the order of Statements directly in the Write View, now!

A long asked for feature in Next is finally here: You can click on the area marked red in the screenshot below and drag your Statements around and order them in your Story that way. No longer do you need to go to the Narrate View to do that.

Tip: Collapse the Statement before dragging - it makes dragging easier!

Collapsible Statements

With Branches, the Statements tend to get rather long and can take a huge amount of room in your browser. You can now collapse them individually.

This will help you save time scrolling around and make you stop losing track of where you are. Collapsed / expanded Statements will even stay that way when you leave the Write View in your browser and return later!

Collapse your statements from this:

to this:

There is also the option to collapse or expand them all at once at the top:

Statement Configurations are editable in Write View now

We also moved the Statement’s configuration into the Write view.

Click on the square next to a Statement’s name to open the Statement’s configuration in the right panel:

Statements scroll horizontally now

Statements are usually wider than one screen. To minimize scrolling around when you work on a longer training, we introduced horizontal scrolling per Statement. You’ll now see a horizontal scrollbar inside each statement.

More to come

The improvements we just showed you are only the start of making the Write View easier to work with.
Stay tuned for more changes! We are currently working on combining the Writer and Narrate View to give you easier access and a better overview over your whole text concept, with more control over your workspace.

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