Team Management for your Text Automation projects

Managing your colleagues, co-workers and partners for managed services is now available for anyone through the UI. Activate “Team Management” in the advanced settings to get access to this feature.

This allows you to:

  • invite other users to your team
  • upgrade your license for buying more seats
  • manage your subscription, billing adress, invoices etc.


Different roles for Owner/Admin/Editor can be manage different access levels.

Inviting Solution Partners

If you request managed services from one of our Solution Partners, those can be added by inviting, and those do not count against your license seats.

Hi @robert.weissgraeber,

That’s such a good news!

Can we assign specific projects to users? If I added a client as Admin or Editor for his project I wouldn’t like him to have access to all of our projects, even if he would only be allowed to access in “read only” mode, it’s a question of privacy for the other clients.

Best regards,

Also, is a specific account required? Because I don’t see this option in mine:


If you want to create different teams for different clients, it works as follows:

Each clients gets each own Team and then invites you with the admin or owner role. That way, they can only manage their own space, and you have access to all. If you then create new projects, you can choose which team applies.

( you need to activate the Team Management in “Advanced Settings” to see it).

Hello Robert,

That’s not what I want, indeed. I prefer to have 1 account, build all our clients projects in this account and then invite users and assign them a role. Our clients won’t need access, in most cases.

Best regards,