Test our automatic text generation with your own data

In short:

You want to test our automatic text generation tool with your own product data, but you don’t have have any
fitting datasets at hand?
In this post I show you how to quickly and easily create an excel sheet of your own data, which you can then use to generate your personal texts in the NLG Cloud.

How it works:

  • Visit the websites of the products you want to test the text generation with

  • Open a new excel sheet

  • Fill in the information you can find on your product pages following the brief guideline below. If the product details written on the websites are not enough, you can always use additional information.

  • Save the created excel sheet as .csv and upload it in the NLG Cockpit (How to import data).

Guideline for good excel data:

1. Adding the first product

Take a look at the example product below, for which we want to create an excel sheet in the course of this guideline.

The minimal information we need about the product is its name, category and number (uid). So lets start and insert this information into the excel sheet.


As you can see the names of the information such as uid are written in the first line of the table. Each information you want to store about your product needs such a data key.
Luckily some of the product details on the website are already in the form key: value such as Color: White, which can just be copied into the table.
For the rest of the product data we need to be a bit more creative and come up with appropriate keys and values ourselves.

Tips for good keys and values:

1. use unique keys

2. use uniform grammatical form for the values

  • category: T-Shirt smiley

  • category: T-Shirts unhappysmiley

3. use single product details as values

  • design: modern
    print: AX Semantics logo smiley

  • features: modern AX Semantics logo unhappysmiley

Following these few simple tips the excel table containing the product data of the example above can be completed.

2. Adding more products

If you want to add more products to your dataset you can do so in a new line of the table. If the new product has the same information keys as the first one you can simply insert the values into the appropriate column. If your product needs new keys you can add them to the already existing keys in the first line of your table.
In case some combinations of product and information keys do not have a corresponding value, the cells are left blank.


We invite you to try it out yourself and test our NLG tool with your own data! In case of any further questions please comment below.

Best regards