The AX Semantics API Integration

Hi there​,

now that you’ve done the E-learning and are prepared for working on your use case, I would highly suggest making the implementation of your data integration our next step:

Our content creation platform is equipped with a JSON based REST API.
The integration can be achieved by implementing 3 separate steps.

  1. Importing your data into our system is managed via API Calls. You are enabled to send those to our platform using either your AX Semantics user account or you utilize an already existing user account of one of your colleagues. These Accounts are equipped with a unique API Access and enable you to create your temporary API Token and to import data into our system. These imported datasets should always contain a unique id (uid) and a name to easily match the generated content with the data in your system.

  2. The content generation can be triggered via API Calls, too. For convenience, it is also possible to configure an automatic trigger to generate content each time a dataset is added or changed in our system: Adding autogeneration and new text delivery options to our Cockpit frontend

  3. The content delivery is then using a webhook to deliver your generated content to a URL of your choice. That ensures a swift content response without the need for constant polling from your end. The webhook message again contains the uid and name from step 1 so the matching of generated content to your systems is ensured.

If you have any questions regarding the API roundtrip, feel free to contact us.

Best regards