The AX UIpath Connector

What it’s all about:

The AX NLG Cloud connector is based on the AX REST API and enables you to automate your publishing workflow by uploading your data, automatically generating the content from your NLG Cloud rule set and exporting the generated content for further processing back into the UIpath environment.

How to use it:

Once downloaded you can choose AX Semantics from your activities.


The “Add document” option uploads a new data set to your ax semantics environment:

  1. Specify which collection you would like to import data into by adding the collection id in the respective field.

  2. Add the JSON Data structure you would like to include in the uploaded document. This is the basis of your generated content.

  3. Add the uid (unique id) and name of the document in case these two fields are not included in your datastructure already

  4. Add your refresh token to authenticate the connection.

The output of this API Call will be the AX Semantics “document id”, by which you can target this data set in further activities/API calls.

A hint: Set the collection to autogeneration to authomatically generate content each time an import is made.

The “Get document” option delivers the generated content for one of your uploaded documents.

The generated content will then be accessible in your UIpath environment for further processing.

  1. Add the AX Semantics “document id” from your import of the document.

  2. Add your refresh token to authenticate the connection.

The output of this API call will be the generated content, the generated content in HTML format and the content generation status.