The AX Zapier App

In short

With our new Zapier app the automatic import and export in our system is for the first time accesible without the need for extensive programming skills. If you want to further enhance your platform experience by simply automating key steps on the AX NLG Cloud, this feature is for you.

Zapier and usecases

Before diving into the Zapier app itself I would like to provide you with a brief overview of the platform Zapier and why it plays well with our own automation efforts:

Zapier is a platform that connects applications like Mail applications, Office applications, E-commerce applications and many more application types, to enable communication between those systems:

Want to get a Mail, each time a customer orders something from your shopsystem and want to automatically have the mail and fileattachements printed? Sure, why not?

Want to get a specific action done in your CRM (An invitation Email? A setup for a personal call), each time you recieve a mail with a certain topic? Of course!

Would you like to post your AX NLG Cloud generated content to your onlineshop or website right away? Yes, please!

Would you like your product data imported in your AX Semantics Account, as soon as you create or update a new or existing product? Hmyes, rather!

These are but small glimpses of what you can allready do to automate your workday step by step using zapier. Naturally, as a platform furthering automation for our users, we see zapier as a perfect fit to easily integrate and provide our unique capabilities in conjunction with a wide range of already existing services.

A closer look

Now that you have a brief impression on zapier, let’s take a closer look into the 2 most common usecases on our platform:

Content delivery


By hitting the links you can find a closer look on how such a Zap might look like.

With that, I would like to thank you for your time and hope that this brief presentation has allready provided you with some awesome ideas on how to make life better for you.

Access and Feedback

The link for the App in zapier can be found here.
If any questions arise or you would like to start working with the App, feel free to contact our support on that.

Best regards