Translate training rulesets into other languages within a view

With the Translation Mode within the Editor users are now able to transpose their training rulesets into other languages within a view and in a workflow.

Main components of translation mode

  • viewing original and translation side by side,
  • re-using the existing container configurations of the original language
  • Assisting in transposition for property output.

How to use it:

You’ll find the Translation Mode within the Editor (either in Cockpit as well as in Training Wizard, if used container assistant.)

  1. select base language
  2. select target language for translation
  3. select sentence variant to translate and click translate icon.

You start to “Write a translation” according to sentence variant of original language (left side). Repeat this for all sentence variants.

In second step you “Add Magic to translation” with marking the text parts which represent containers. You might need to change a few words and grammar rules depending on your translation.

Hint: It is best to start with Phrase and Group Containers (the ones marked with a P) because dynamic grammar might depend on them.

In third step you need to “Translate Properties”. For this select that properties that need to to translate and add the vocabulary for target language.
Once you translated all property outputs you finished the transposing of the sentence.

So proceed further and replay the steps for all sentences in your training ruleset.