Upgraded Debug Output

What it does

The Debug Output in the AX Cockpit helps you trace a failing text generation or an erroneous output in a generated text. It prints all used properties and what their truthExpression, mappingExpression and Property Output were.

We upgraded this feature and made it more convenient:

  • it now has a search function
  • it now only shows used properties
  • the output is shown less cryptical and easier to grasp

The classic view in JSON format also hasn’t vanished.

Use Cases for Customers

When you are debugging a training you often need to see what certain properties do. This view gives you an overview of all the properties of your training and their results after creating a text.

For a general idea of how to debug a training see also this article.


  • a sentence that produces no output or is created wrongly
  • one or more properties that you suspect are affecting the wrong output

How to use

For now, the improved debug output is available when you are performing a Single Sentence Evaluation in the cockpit.

You can open the Debug Output View as follows:

When in the TEXT RULE SET:

  1. click on the sentence you want to check
  2. open the debug view by clicking on image and then Debug
  3. click on the bug symbolimage

When in the EDITOR:

  1. go to the Magic Mode
  2. click on the bug symbol next to validateimage

In the Debug Output Dialog you can see all properties that were used for that sentence variant. Click on a property to see its truth-value (the result of the truthExpression), its mapping-value (the result of its mappingExpression) and its vocabularies.

You can also see and edit the property itself here. Also note the search function which is very handy when the sentence variant uses a lot of properties.

Last but not least you can still find the classic Property Output View by clicking on Raw Output.

The information about property results is only retained for 90 minutes after creating the Single Sentence Output for storage reasons. If your output is not there anymore, please regenerate this SSO.