Use our API to upload documents and retrieve content

Should you wish to use our API for data upload and text download (and you should!), here are the basics on how to do it:

  1. You authenticate with the API (documented here: Please note the best practices for authentication mentioned in the documentation, especially for timing.
  2. Documents are loaded into the appropriate collection. The upload process is briefly described here ( and documented in detail here:
  3. Then the texts are generated. This can be done by 3 triggers:
    1. You press the “Generate” button on the website
    2. Automatic generation for new data sets is activated for the collection
    3. An API call for a specific document. This is useful for example for a text refresh and documented here:
  4. The generated text goes back to you. This can be done in two ways, of which we strongly recommend the first:
    1. You set up a webhook and store it in the collection’s settings, so that finished texts are sent there. Documentation about this is here:
    2. You check if a document has a text until it does and then retrieve it. Documentation here:

With the delivered text a “round trip”, as we call it, is completed.

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