User workflow for Import/Export of trainings has changed a little bit

The way import/export of training rulesets is presented to the user has been changed a little bit.

Export Dialog

Exports now shown the data and time, when they have been generated, and the near-duplicate button wording has been modified:

Import Status

The last Imports are shown with status and success message / error output:

Lock Training Ruleset during Import

During a running import the training ruleset is locked for changes until the import is processed, reducing possible syncronicity problems when using multiple users:

Automatic start of syntax revalidation

After a successfull import, the All Sentence Output is reset, and the Single Sentence Validation for all sentences is started automatically.

Decoupling the Training Editor from the API

Our local training editor (aka Merlin) uses the import/export workflow now, making space for faster API deprecation and changes. Please make sure that you update to the latest version (v.287) (Download Link)