Userfacing Error reporting for ruleset configuration errors

Good news for all ATML3-Developers struggling with syntax errors or configuration problems in their training ruleset.

As of now, the most common errors during training development are made visible to you. Failed texts will be reported with the error message in the same way as before, addtionally you will find the error messages in the ATML3-Debug tab in myAX Data Interface, the API, and as an error message in the Ruleset Management on all configured test-things.

This will make development and changes far easier, because in the past, even small errors could lead to hidden errors giving you just empty texts - costing you lots of time for debugging the configuration ruleset.

Showing the error message in myAX Data Interface

And in the Training Management Tool


In the future, we will expand into even more validation during your configuration phase to make hard errors less frequent, or are self correcting if it’s a simple syntax errors.