V1 API Deprecation and Migration

Dear users,

during the last year, we constantly collected your input to improve our NLG Cloud API. In the process, we added features like the webhook delivery, instant content generation, improved general information distribution by providing adequate context information in our API responses and overall streamlined the workflow from Data import to Content delivery by adding automation features like the automated content generation and the very well received web hook functionality in content projects.

A new NLG Cloud API

Despite this and although the usability of the API and frontend increased dramatically over the time, in the end, the v1 API could only partially reflect our goal to maximize user autonomy through intuitive and easy-to-understand user interaction with our platform.

To bring this effort a big step forward and taking into account the biggest questions from the past two years, we created our new AX Semantics Cockpit and with it a new version (v2) of our NLG Cloud REST API. Most of you have already seen this, or are already using it as the primary means.

With the release of this new Platform, we primarily tackled the below issues and still remained dedicated to our vision by adhering to our time-proven design decisions:

  • Projects (formerly known as trainings), Collections (formerly known as Content Projects) and Documents (formerly known as Things) are still the three core components needed, to be able to generate automated content on the new platform. Handling of these components through API and front end has largely improved due to increased streamlining based on past use cases and constant intake of your feedback.

  • The training still consists of logic and editorial components. These are now upgraded, though, to allow a more user-friendly editing in the new container mode. The mandatory manual writing of ATML3 markup is not necessary anymore, thus empowering you to quickly adjust your content whenever needed in a user-friendly new interface, the composer.

  • Features like the web hook or configuration of automated content generation are now directly accessible in the frontend, thus greatly improving user autonomy and options to set up new infrastructure. Likewise, the addition of measures to import your data files via the frontend provides you with a quick albeit manual option to test your data on our system.

  • Last but not least we added a Change log to our new API to notify you early in case of the next big feature roll out in the NLG Cloud REST API.

Migration from v1 to v2 API

Going forward and to provide our users with the best experience possible we are looking forward to providing you with all the help you need to migrate your training and Data onto our Cockpit. Our goal is to achieve this throughout in the rest of 2017. We are confident, that, until then, the entirety of our user base can profit from the new environment provided and is enjoying the results of 2 incredibly productive years of product development.

To work out the details of the migration please create a Ticket for our support personnel. We look forward to welcoming you on the AX Semantics Cockpit.

Best regards
Your AX Semantics Team