/v1/ EOL Announcement: for 31th of August 2018

End of life Announcement for /v1/ API and “myAX Data Interface” and “Training Wizard”

As announced last year, (V1 API Deprecation and Migration), we will now start removing the /v1/ API Endpoints and tools that have been using that API.

Affected Systems

  • API: all /v1/ endpoints: use the /v2/ API instead. For Details on collections (that replace Content Projects) see our announcement: V1 API Deprecation and Migration. Authentification and Bulk uploads are mostly identical between v1/v2 API.
  • both legacy webfrontends “myAX Data Interface” (my.ax-semantics.com) and Training Wizard (wizard.ax-semantics.com) will be shut down, these are already replaced by the Cockpit (cockpit.ax-semantics.com).
    Warning message inside these tools hav been already announced in app for some months, and new project creation has been unavailable for 6 months.


The final shutdown will happen on 31th of August 2018.

Starting June 2018 we will gradually shutdown the API and the tools for some hours, to make you aware if you are still using old endpoints by accident. Additonally, if we notice active traffic in EOL affected systems, we will try to contact you and support you with migration.

Upcoming Removals

Some more removals are upcoming for Q3/Q4 2018, but no official end date is announced yet. If you want to make sure to be future save, be advised as follows:

If you have any questions about migration support, please contact your Solution Partner or our Support.