Webinar: "Explore a Product Description Project "

Do you want to see what a large text generation project on the AX Semantics platform looks like? In this webinar Vitaliia, Computational Linguist at AX Semantics, will show how to create good product descriptions from simple manufacturer data using a real project as example.

  • Explore how to combine data in different ways and derive meaningful statements.
  • See examples of statements, that use trigger and branches to achieve high rate of variance.
  • Learn about the options to arrange your statements into stories with different lengths and aspects.

Thursday, September 26, 2019 11:00-12:00 CEST

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Ah I missed it. Will this be uploaded to Webinars and Videos section?


yes we have recorded this webinar and it will be uploaded in the next days. I will post an announcement for this in this thread.