Working with multiple languages

For working with multi-language trainings, different new options are now available. This supports use cases for translation workflow and working on a single or multiple locales at the different.

Setting your working language

Setting the “Work On Language” in your user profile sets the default option for creating new ATML3 items in your user profile:

Configure the languages of a training

In the edit training view, you can configure the languages, that a training should have. This will limit the number of choices in the dropdowns in the training ruleset editor.

Edit view:

shorter dropdowns:

filter on shown sentence variants

With the “filter language” button you can select the sentence variants that are currently shown to you, if you want to only see one language or a subset of languages to do translations:

create a translation from a sentence variant

Using the “translate to” button…

…results in a prefilled translation for that sentence variant: